Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tommy's Choice

This poem comes from my good friend Tommy Z.


Love is what I am
Fear is what I have learned

Love is real
Fear is an illusion

Love is everything positive
Fear is everything negative

Love is Kindness
Love is Compassion
Love is Gratitude
Love is Hope
Love is Trust
Love is Forgiveness

Fear is Shame
Fear is Hatred
Fear is Racism
Fear is Gossip
Fear is Jealousy
Fear is Resentment

Love builds
Fear destroys

What I focus on multiplies
If I focus on the positive
The positive multiply
If I focus on the negative
The negatives multiply

I have two choices
One is to live in Love
The other is to live in Fear

Living in Love produces
Peace of mind

Living in Fear produces

It is my choice.