Thursday, December 11, 2008

sticking it out

tonight my best teacher has taught me about
this wonderful practice called "sticking it out"

through four score bewildering subtraction facts
and a stethescope, candle, two distracting cats

wishing to be somewhere else but at home
as my mind like a dog chewed and worried its bone

"just do it my way, my way is the best"
"if you don't learn it now, then you'll fail the test!"

as longer and longer dragged on this ordeal
a teaching arose with great tidings of weal

and once i let go of that story i know
about right and wrong and your way is too slow

we figured together, my teacher and i
that cooperation is sweeter than pie

we discovered another great opportune chance
to notice that being alive is a dance

that flows to its very own rhythm and yet
encourages each of us not to forget

that sticking it out, as in putting in time
means practicing patience, a jewel that may shine

and sticking it out, as in risking what's new
opens doors to the world left unlocked by so few

so next time i notice frustration and doubt
i hope i'll remember to

just stick it out


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