Sunday, March 23, 2008

walking on a sacred path

walking on a sacred path
delight in the magic don't move too fast

on the feet of a tiger
with the heart of a lion
borne up on garuda's wings
by dragon's vast mind

Saturday, March 22, 2008

building bridges

brick by brick we build our walls
fortresses of doubt and fear
abandoning our dignity
in sanctuary so austere

confined in solitary pain
cut off from the human race
afraid to look through cracks and see
another one’s familiar face

separated by these walls
we hide our vulnerability
living lives of make believe
pretending to be truly free

imprisoned brick by brick inside
dreams of hope and fear we make
true freedom also ours to choose
should we dare become awake

and let awareness illuminate
what lay in shadow all around
the brilliant light reveals a word
so ordinary and profound

waking up inside these walls
so solid once so tall and wide
now look again and realize
bricks can lead the way outside

so brick by brick tear down your walls
lay the rubble 'neath your feet
with courage reach beyond your fear
embrace the possibility

of bridging all our differences
a world of sanity and peace
where loving-kindness cradles us
a new day dawning in the east

building bridges out of walls
is sacred work for you and me
so take a chance and trust in love
and make a world that’s fair and free