Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Second Annual UU Blog Awards

Wow - it's the last day of February, and this is my first post since the last day of January. Guess I haven't felt much like writing.

And this post isn't much - just a mention of the Second Annual UU Blog Awards. This blog was not nominated this year, although my previous blog - A Virginia UU in King George's War - received the Best Writing Award in the First Annual UU Blog Awards (sorry, this might be a dead link).

Another blog I am part of, Unitarian Universalists in the Military, was nominated in the "Best Online Community" category, but didn't win.

So why blog? I think in many respects the blogging I did while in Iraq was for the "audience," the readers back home who gained some measure of comfort from my regular posting - it meant I was alive and well.

Since I've returned and started this blog, I think I've been writing more just for myself. And that's appropriate - after all I want the process of living my life to be more important to me than the outcomes. So I'm sorry if you are one of the small group of regular readers (blessings to you, Mary) and you've missed my writing. I've been doing other stuff.

At least I can rest easy knowing that I DID manage to post in February!